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Abby and her staff talked to me so many times. My kids are so different and I panicked at the camp decision making process. They acted like therapists to me and walked me through so much info. I am so appreciative for the care and personal attention that CampSource gave me.
Julia and Jared Erman, Short Hills, NJ

Harriet is wonderful; she spent a considerable amount of time with me over the phone, patiently answering my questions and calling back if she did not have an immediate answer. I relied on her judgment and experience not only in the field, but of my son and our family, to help identify the program that would be the best fit for him. She helped us find the right camp 8 years ago, and I will only use her to find the right teen programs for my kids! She's terrific!
Mindy Blum, Aventura, FL

We started the camp search process late in the year. Working with CampSource streamlined the entire research process. I never would have been able to do it on my own.
Lynn Hausner, Newton, MA

The process was very overwhelming at 1st.  Ellen Winer helped us narrow down the choices to 3 programs that would meet our expectations.
Jill Quillen,  Hingham, MA

Too many choices prior to CampSource  involvement. You helped focus on the key issues.
John Behrend and Polly Phillippi, Meadowbrook, PA

Signed up with CampSource a couple years ago for my older son and have used Abby and staff for suggestions for younger son too. You turned me on to many options I wouldn't have thought of, saved me hours of research and I know these places have been checked out and are very reputable. 
Linda Carlisle, Brookline, MA

CampSource was a great help to choose the camp.
Sophie Herment-Dujardin, Puyricard France

We were overwhelmed with the large number of camps in New England. Having a resource with knowledge of the camps was priceless. CampSource saved us HOURS of research and our daughter loved her camp experience.
Susan McCormack and Ken Marra, Wellesley, MA

They were fabulous! I would recommend using CampSource for everything!
Carolyn Snider, Newton, MA

There are so many possible camps, it was nice to be able to look at only those that fit our criteria.
Debby & Greg Fisher, Fort Washington, PA

We are grateful to CampSource for the guidance and grateful to Camp ------ for offering this experience to our daughter.
Phil and Lara Buchanan, Lexington, MA

I had never heard of the program Harriet recommended and we were very impressed with the company and how well run the trip was.
Jill and Sid Steinberg, Wynnewood, PA

It was so helpful to have an independent view on so many camps.
Amy Glass, Brookline, MA

Harriet at CampSource found this LIFE CHANGING program for my son.
Polly and Jon Littner, Villanova, PA

CampSource helped us narrow down the choices and get the "inside scoop" on camps for our son.
Connie Hadley, Belmont, MA

CampSource and Abby really helped us narrow down the choices and go through the pros and cons of each camp.
Ardath and Josh Weiss, Philadelphia, PA

CampSource always has very up-to-date and reliable information and perspectives.
Jill Solomon,  Short Hills, NJ

CampSource afforded me the opportunity to have comparison which proved to be invaluable because Camp ------   was absolutely the right choice for our family and I may not have gone to see it without Harriet's recommendation.
Rachel Schwartz, Haverford, PA

The benefits of using CampSource were talking through the pros and cons and the different personalities of the camps.
Caren Kimball, Newton, MA

Excellent programs attended the teen summer fair.   I dealt with Abby, she was very knowledgable and very communicative.
Sharon Manchel, Needham, MA

Our son had the best summer of his life. Camp ---- is the perfect camp for him and we never would have found it without the guidance of Harriet Conn.
Cristi and Kevin Finkel, Gladwyne, PA

"Josh had an amazing trip, and we were so pleased with all aspects of his trip. Rachel is FABULOUS, Camp ____ is a perfect place for her!  You are 3 for 3 with us! We r so thankful 2 u 4 your insight, dedication and commitment 2 helping us provide r children with such memorable and life shaping experiences!!!"
Sandy Carney  

"I just wanted to thank you so much for recommending such a wonderful program for Eva.  She just came home and I cannot say enough about the entire experience. I have been telling everyone about this camp and how you matched us to it. They were very impressed that such a company existed.  I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all your help with this." 
Amy Orsini  

"There were so many camps and Abby really listened to my needs for my daughter and was able to narrow down my choices. If it wasn’t for Abby, I would not have known about this camp. I am so thankful."
Linda Thorpe  

"I never would have found the camp without them!! They talked me through everything until I was comfortable with my decision."
Lisa Erman  

"CampSource narrowed the focus for me and I felt assured that the camp was reputable because of the background work that CampSource does prior to recommending a camp."
Laura Erwin  

"We NEVER would have found this program without Harriet—you’re the BEST!"
Polly Litner  

"Once again, you helped us find the perfect fit.  Both boys are so happy at their camps. I always tell people what a great service you provide and how well it worked for us. Thank you!" 
Jane Greenstein  

"You did all the hard work for me. I just had to review several choices. I felt like I didn't waste my time and that you could do a better job than me researching what camps offer"
Lisa Koman  

"The camp we chose was a great fit for our daughter. Using CampSource narrowed it down to the type of camps that meshed well with her personality and interests. I would have never known any of that."
Missy Wardle  

"Abby was very available and patient and helped me in every way to help make a sound decision!!"
Lisa Merkatz  

"We found it very valuable to speak with the CampSource staff about the types of camps that might interest our daughter and to be provided with a lot of information on camps that seemed to be a right fit. It was very comforting to be able to call and ask questions at any time as we embarked on our search and we felt reassured that we had made the right choice."
Debbie Slater  

"Ellen has been terrific. She understood what we wanted and helped guide us through the entire process. Her follow up was exceptional. We are now talking to her about camp options for our son."
Aimee Silverman  

"Great descriptions and direction. A lot of time and attention, Ellen is devoted to making the right match between program and child."
Judy Cohen  

"The personalized attention from Ellen was quite helpful and the guidance in narrowing down teen programs."
Ariella Greenspan  

"I had been to camp in the Midwest and wanted to send my daughter to camp in the Northeast where we live. I didn't know where to begin. Abby at CampSource knew the camp that I had gone to as a kid. She listened to what I was looking for and helped me manage through the countless number of camps that exist in the northeast. The summary sheet that CampSource created and sent me was really helpful and then we started looking at all the DVDs. Abby even talked to me about the slight differences that I observed after my site visits to the various camps. The advice and information that CampSource provided was invaluable."
Amy and Jonathan Deutsch  

"CampSource personalized the experience. They listened to our needs and tailored the list to best meet our requirements. They were spot on!!!"
Lisa and Tony Nasch 

"Apart from giving us choices that fit our criteria; I found my heart to heart conversations with Abby to be the best perk of this service."
Marsha Cohen and Peter Lubowitz 

"You assessed Mollie's needs and which type of program she was suited best to her, without saying- you must go to this program. We appreciated your thoughtfulness and expertise in helping families make decisions."
Lori Solon 

"Very helpful resource! I don't know how I would have otherwise found out about the any camps out there for my son. I highly recommend this free service!"
Jane and Dan Slavin 

"THANK YOU for helping make an overwhelming task of finding the right camp an easy and exciting one - you really helped us find a good match for our kids!"
Lauren and Ross Benthien 

"Thanks again for all of your help - you took the guesswork and the work out of choosing a camp for Jack. There are so many in N.E. we could not have begun to narrow down the choices without some outside advice."
John and Genie Trevor 

"Harriet is very responsive, prompt and put a lot of effort into finding a program that would suit our requirements, and the desires of our child."
Jill and Don Miller 

"Thank you so much for your expertise, diligence and candor in helping us choose the right place for the girls.  As a former camper and counselor myself, I know I gave you a very long list of my priorities for what I was looking for in a camp for our girls, and you really nailed it."
Renee Whitcombe  

"We would never have found (our) Camp without CampSource.  It is reassuring to have someone with the experience and expertise to know which camps are a good fit for which children; it isn't merely about another parent telling us that their child had a good experience. All children are different.  In addition, we know and trust Abby and saw that she took the time to really find  out about Zach and what would work for him. Ultimately, Camp was a great success for our son and we can attribute a large part of that to CampSource."
Marcy and Brenton Ravech   

"The type of kids on the trip were very important to us. Abby centered in on the perfect match."
Beth and Doug Freeman

"Thank you so much. Sonia had a wonderful time for her first sleepaway experience and we have you to thank! Campsource really streamlined our search. I felt very listened to when we described what we were looking for."
Danite Ben-Ari and Tom Marton

"I used Abby's CampSource to find a camp for my 4th grader, who will be going to sleepaway camp for the first time. Abby is wonderful, takes the time to get to know you and your kid, and is very careful not to inundate you with too much info. Best of all, she's great at helping you set up a trip to visit your finalist camps in operation--which I highly recommend."
Lori Lass

"Your service was wonderful. I was planning on sending my daughter to camp for 2 weeks but you were correct in recommending a longer period, 3.5 weeks was perfect! In regards to choosing a camp I was completely overwhelmed with all the camps on the internet so working with Ellen was so easy."
Carolyn and Chris Rotermund

"CampSource has been vital in finding the perfect camp for our son and now our daughter. Each child is so different, yet, CampSource found the right camp for them - thank you!"
David and Nancy Roodberg

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